How will I be allocated to a group?

If you don’t express a preference for a particular group when joining then you will simply be allocated via your postcode to your local group, you can see which one this will be by using the group finder on our website.

If you let us know group you would like to be a part of then we will allocate you to that one when processing your application.

If you notice we have put you in the wrong one you can register online here: and once logged in you can change your group yourself.

Please also remember that as a Ramblers member, you can walk with any group in the country and are not restricted to the one you are allocated to.

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    Afsah Oomar


    I registered myself online and set up a direct debit but I didn't even receive any registration number or temporary number while my card is being processed. Why??? Don't you give any registration number while people register online?

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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