I have an individual membership. How would I add on a joint member?

If you’re adding a new member to your subscription easiest way is to simply renew at the end of your individual subscription at the joint membership rate, giving the details of your new member. If you’re changing to joint membership part the way through your subscription then we will look at how many months are remaining and ask for a top-up fee appropriate.

If you’re both already members wishing to convert your membership to joint we will look at how long you each have left to run. Usually it is easiest to do this when one of you has reached the end of your subscription and you can simply renew as a joint member.

You’ll need to let us know the address and group you’d both like to be listed at and who will be the feepayer. It is easiest to give us a call to do this over the phone 020 3961 3232 (Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm).

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