Why have I received a reminder letter to renew my membership when I already have a card dated 2019?

We send membership cards for the coming year’s membership as an attachment to your renewal notice before we receive payment. If therefore you have a valid membership card it doesn’t necessarily mean your membership is fully paid.

If you have sent us a payment, or contacted the Membership team in the last 14 days, the letter may have crossed in the post and your membership will be up-to-date.

If you thought you were paying by direct debit, please contact the Membership Team on 020 3961 3232 or wait for us to respond to your email.      

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    I received notification of my membership by letter dated 14th June stating I should receive my membership card etc within the next 10 days. Nothing has arrived. A follow up email on 19th June instructed me to set up a password for the site which I have done. I've even spoken to someone at length today, who cannot find any evidence of my application or payment. What's going on? I've checked my bank account and the fee has not been taken.
    Katherine Lyons.

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