How do I take a walk register using the Ramblers App?

You need to be a member of the group to be able to take the walk register. Select the walk and click on Take Register.


You will see a list of options.


If you choose select from list you will be asked to confirm your sign in again, this is for security purposes. You will only be able to see the list of and register members of your own group.

Select from list will give you a list of the members in your group. You can search for a member and add them by clicking in the box.

You can add members by scanning the QR code on a members card or phone. You can also add both members and non-members manually.

Once you have completed the register click on View Register and you will be able to select the walk leader and submit the register.

If you would like to submit your register later just leave the walk before you select the walk leader. You can submit it later.

Once you have submitted your register you can go back and edit it, you will be able to do this for 48 hours.

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