My website log-in details are not working in the app

Are you trying to log-into the Ramblers App with your Ramblers website credentials, but the app isn't recognising them?

There are 2 common issues:

1. our website account and our app have different sign-on systems behind them at the moment.  So you need to sign-up on the app and create another account for app use.

2. you do need to use the same e-mail address that is on the website account.  However your password can be different.  Your membership number is the same on both of course.

We appreciate this is clunky, and do apologise, but we chose not to delay the app launch.  We are now upgrading our website to be able to use the same sign-on system as our App.  Soon our members will just need one set of log-in credentials to access all Ramblers systems.


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