With so many lost paths is the 2026 date realistic?

Whilst the Ramblers don't want to save every lost path, we do think that there are potentially thousands which would make a better walking network for everyone. With stretched local authority resources and just over five years left until the cut-off date, it seems increasingly unrealistic that these important paths can be applied for before 2026. The Ramblers are calling on the Westminster government to extend the 2026 date by at least five years in England (you can read more in our statement)The provision related to the 2026 cut-off date is not yet commenced in Wales meaning that it is not currently in force. The Welsh Government have indicated that they want to repeal the section (without ever bringing it into force) but given the importance of saving lost rights of way, we will continue to work towards the 2026 date in Wales until this has happened.

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