What happens next with the Don't Lose Your Way project?

Identifying potential lost rights of way is just the start of a long process to put them back on the map. There are five steps to saving these lost paths:

  • Identify historical paths which may be lost rights of way.
  • Prioritise those paths which add the most benefit for people.
  • Research the individual path to find out if it can be saved.
  • Build an application based on historical evidence.
  • Submit the application by 1st January 2026.

We have completed the first stage and found over 49,000 miles of potential lost paths. Now we need your help to prioritise, research and build the applications to save them - please sign up to join the movement. We are developing resources to support you, and thousands of other volunteers across the country, to undertake these tasks.

We are looking to raise £49,000 to save these paths before they're lost forever. Cotswold Outdoor, our recommended outdoor retailer, have generously kickstarted our crowdfunder with a contribution of £10,000.

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