What is My Ramblers Account?

My Ramblers Account will allow you to access all your digital benefit's using a single username and password.   Once you have signed up you will be able to access your online account and Ramblers app using the same login details.   

If you already use the Ramblers App, Assemble, Don’t Lose Your Way or the Insight Hub you simply need to use your email and password you've used in these other systems. If you've only got a website account, you'll need to go to sign up to choose your email address and password. We hope this change will make it a lot simpler and easier to access what you need. 

In the past, volunteers and members have had to remember different details to log into different Ramblers systems. This has been quite clunky, so we’re introducing My Ramblers Account, which is one set of details that accesses everything Ramblers! It should make life easier in the long run. 

The Ramblers App, Assemble, Don’t Lose Your Way and the Insight Hub already use My Ramblers Account so if you have already logged into any of those, you’ll now be able to use the same details to log into the Ramblers website.  

To create your My Ramblers account visit

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